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About Me

Hi My name is Krissie and I am a Northern Ca. Photographer. I specialize in Weddings, but also in my off/time or off season I Love to photograph Families, Kiddos, Babies, and Teens. 

My goal is to capture my clients in their natural settings or in their natural fun state. Doing both Posed photos and capturing candid shots. 

One of the most rewarding parts of my job is seeing clients over the years. I love establishing relationships with my clients that go beyond just their wedding date or just one shoot, I LOVE seeing their family grow and see how the childrens' personalities grow over the years,

My interest in photography rooted in me in my first photography class in high school....i admit I am a Compulsive Photo Taker {LOL} 

I just love capturing all those special moments thruout a wedding that sometimes the couple over looks during the business of the day or is busy visiting with guests and they miss something. I want to be there to capture all of that for them. 

I have been in business since early 2008 but have been taking photos LONG before that, about 5.5 years ago is when my business took a turn from sessions of kids and families to Weddings, the majority of my time from April-October is Weddings. And I love doing every one of them!

A little more about my personal life is I am a mommy to three adorable children with baby #4 on the way, They are my life and always come first. Photography is second. But they push me to be a better business owner and a better photographer and a better person. 

I have lived in elk grove most of my life and never see me leaving the general location. 

Photography is my passion and my SOLE job {after being a mommy of course} and I truly take pride in what I do and giving my clients the best possible product.